Medical Billing Services

Timely billing of all accounts is a key to of an effective revenue cycle management, and ensuring that all bills are submitted with the correct information is an underlying goal of our billing department.

Global Edge is California based leading Healthcare Billing Service provider with a comprehensive Medical Billing Service and Receivables Management System. You can benefit from our expertise in multiple states and specialties. Our rates are extremely competitive, our service is second to none and we are committed to maximizing your income while simultaneously treating your patients with courtesy and compassion.

We can help you significantly reduce payroll costs, accelerate revenue cycles, assure processing accuracy and regulatory compliance, and enhance patient and physician satisfaction. We will :

  • Focus on low-value, low-margin accounts that make it difficult for you to profitably recover your revenues.
  • Generate cleaner, faster claims with extensive healthcare business process knowledge, multiple layers of quality control and compliance checks, and quick turnaround in upstream billing processes such as coding and charge entries.          
  • Attain better yields at lower cost through our efficient payer follow-up and denial/rejection processes.          

Focusing on the above aspects, our medical billing services along with our proprietary tools and processes, we are able to help our clients dramatically reduce their account receivable.  In addition, due to the proactive Six Sigma Approach of defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling key upstream metrics, recurring billing issues are identified and remedied at the source reducing future rework.

Our highly trained team, use of leading technology, quick ramp-up, and meticulous compliance processes will free you to focus on business-building core capabilities. And increased patient and physician satisfaction means more business for you.
Our Medical Billing Services Include:

  • Charge Entry
  • Reconciliation
  • Payment Posting
  • Account Receivable Payer Follow-Up
  • Coding Review Audits
  • Provider Data Updates
  • Legacy/old Accounts Receivables and Follow-Up
  • Overflow Billing Support
  • Pre-Registration/Registration
  • Denial Management and Posting
  • EOB Follow-Up & Denial Analysis
  • Insurance Verification /Financial Counseling
  • Management Reporting

Our Medical Billing Services Offer:

  • Shorter Turnaround time
  • Shorter accounts receivable cycles
  • Streamlined medical claim preparation
  • Reduced staffing issues and training time
  • Improved patient and physician satisfaction
  • Persistent follow-up with Payers to attain better yields at lower costs
  • Quicker settlements and higher profitability
  • Creating faster and clean claims submissions
  • Cleaner medical claims and increased productivity
  • Focusing on low dollar accounts, to recover revenue
  • Quick denial tracking & efficient appeal and dispute resolution

Our experienced and dedicated staff will focus their time on matters such as your billing, collecting full payment on all submitted claims, increasing payment on underpaid claims, capturing revenue from un-submitted claims and following up on small dollar secondary claims.  We provide 24-hour turnaround for large and small accounts across multiple specialties. Each team member has substantial experience in the U.S. healthcare industry to analyze Explanations of Benefits (EOB’s) and claims, and take the necessary actions to recover the due amount. We reduce days in account receivable, improve collection ratio, and increase the probability of payment.

With our medical billing process your billing process will become simple and effortless and the process is 100% HIPAA complaint.

No New Billing Software Required:
We work on your billing software. So no new billing software is required, nor is there any need to convert any existing billing data to any new software. We will adopt seamlessly with your existing software or electronic medical record and practice management system and replicate your processes. Our medical billing teams are expert and are well versed with most often used billing systems or software, such as Medisoft, Sequelmed, AdvantX, eClinicalWorks, Misys Tiger, SurgiSource, AdvancedMD, Medrium etc. We also take pride in our fully dedicated in-house training & development program that works with a subject matter expert across various service delivery areas to develop specific training schedules, where our delivery teams can quickly hone ourselves to any new specialized software/expectations.